Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Champ: Shorties Double

$2500 + $200 Championship NLH

Larry Sharp (North Wales, PA) ships 264,000 on the button with A♣ 2♣ and after a moderated tank session, Matt Woodward (Waterbore, ME) calls with A 2 in the big blind.

Flop comes J 3♣ 8 .

Sharp fears runner runner hearts but instead smacks out runner runner 9♣ 5♣ .

Larry doubles thru Matt.

On the other table, short stack Ofir Mor (Woodmere, NY) doubles thru Cliff Josephy (Muttontown, NY).

Mor has 99 vs. Josephy's A-8 on a 7-9-8-10-5 board.

Ofir Mor now has 500,000.

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