Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Event 10 Recap

$350 + $50 + $100 Black Chip Bounty NLH

Karl Tretter (Long Island, NY) captures the Event 10 trophy and $21,768 first place prize after felting Anthony Spadola in 2nd place. "Ho Vinto!" says the Italian teacher which translates into "I won!"

When the average stack was 60,000 and Karl had 26,000 a player limped so he shoved. Three players called. Karl tabled 3-3 and was up against AA, A-Q, and KK. With one foot out the door, Karl turned a miracle 3 and set sail to dinner break and the final table.

It wasn't an easy journey to the top as Karl had to battle the likes of 229 other bounty hunters like WPT Borgata Champ Dwyte Pilgrim, Edward Pham, Bob Santilli, and Andrew Klein all vying for the $80,150 Total Buy-In.

In the end Karl won all of the 3,435,000 chip in play, the Borgata trophy, eight $100 black chip bounties, and the $21,768 prize. He took it down for his 9-month pregnant wife and 2 year old son.

Final Table:
1. Karl Tretter (Long Island, NY) - $21,768
2. Anthony Spadola (Hamilton Square, NJ) - $12,828
3. Mike Moore (Yonkers, NY) $7,386
4. Jerry Callahan (Oyster Bay) $5,986
5. Joseph Miceli (New York, NY) 4,665
6. Patrick Brown (Brooklyn, NY) $3,887
7. Gordon Eng (Cliffside Park, NJ) $3,110
8. Eric Natishvili (Hoboken, NJ) $2,332
9. Mark Borges (Hoboken, NJ) $1,555
10. Ilya Vasserman (Huntingdon, PA) $1,011

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