Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Champ: 14th Place - England

$2500 + $200 Championship NLH

Brian England (Hazlet, NJ)

After two hands against Larry Abrams (Mahwah, NJ), Brian England is out of the Championship in 14th Place.

In the first hand, Brian lead out on the turn and river but got called by Larry.

Board J-7-Q-5-2

Larry showed A-J for the huge pot that left England with only 290,000.

A few hands later Brian shoved with A♣ 5♣ and Larry called holding J J.

England had some hope on a flop of 10♣ 10 6♣ , but failed to club on a turn card 5 and river Q .

We're down to 13 players.

Blinds: 10,000 / 20,000 with 2,000 antes.

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