Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Champ: Hanging by a Thread

$2500 + $200 Championship NLH

Milo (left) Crippled by Milo's Full House

Rich Milo (Franklin Square, NY) can thank Mike Meskin (Belmont, MA) for helping him squeaking into the money with only 10,700 chips (2 big blinds).

A few hands before the bubble broke, Milo and Meskin are in big pot and Meskin warns Milo to be careful.

On a board of 5 Q♠ 9 Milo checks, Meskin bets 40k, Milo calls.

Turn: 5♠

Milo checks
Meskin bets 25k
Milo calls

River: A

Milo checks

Meskin reaches for a stack of chips and says, "what will you do now," as he reaches towards the pot and has a stack of blue (5k) chips dangling above the pot.

Milo says, "call," and gets confirmation that the forward motion means the chips are committed.

Milo shows A♣ Q♣ for two pairs.

Meskin says, "I told you to be careful," and turns over 9♠ 9 for a full house.

Milo is visibly distraught, but catches a break because the stack Meskin bet was only 85k. The bet leaves Milo with a handful of chips to limp his way through the bubble.

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