Sunday, April 8, 2012

Event 5: 4th Place - Nguyen

$700 + $70 No Limit Hold'em (Re-Entry)

Manh Nguyen (Munhall, PA)
Blinds 10k/20k, 3k ante

Manh Nguyen's shot of winning his second 2012 Borgata Spring Poker Open title is squashed in a blind vs blind hand.  From the small blind Karthik raises to 40k, Nguyen moves all in for 350k from the big and Karthik calls.

Karthik: A Q
Nguyen: K J

Flop: Q Q K (Karthik trip queens)

Turn: 8

River: 7

Karthik wins the hand to take his stack to 975k, sending the most dangerous player at the final table player to the rail.

"I'm disappointed that it's not first," says Nguyen who won Event 2 ($30,159). "I'm definitely playing well and winning the races I have to win.  I feel like that if I have chips I have a chance."

Manh Nguyen finishes in 4th place and earns $8,800.

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