Sunday, April 8, 2012

Event 5: 7th Place - Porbandarwala

$700 + $70 No Limit Hold'em (Re-Entry)

Soheb Porbandarwala (Stamford, CT)

 Blinds: 5k/10k, 1k ante

Manh Nguyen opened for 23k and Soheb Porbandarwala moved all-in from the small blind.

Manh called, showing AK off.  Soheb had QT suited.

Soheb picked up a flush draw on the flop of K 7 6 with two clubs.  Manh improved to top pair.  The last two came offsuit 9 T and Manh took the pot.  He chipped up to ~500k, good for the chip lead.

Soheb Porbandarwala busted in 7th place, earning $4,400.

Six players remain.  Average is 405k.

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