Sunday, April 8, 2012

Event 6: 4th Place - Dennis

$350 + $50 Omaha H/L 8B

Monty Dennis (Tucker, GA)

"He finally got me," says Monty Dennis after losing his last 30k to chip leader Yuebin Guo.  "I had 9 lives, but I didn't have a 10th," he laughs after surviving multiple all ins before finally losing his last 30k.

Dennis plays poker full time and is sticking with the nickname "Money" that he got accidentally.  After one tournament he was listed in the results as Money instead of Monty and he's now keeping the moniker.  

"You always want to finish in first place," he says, "but I just didn't get the cards."

Monty "Money" Dennis finishes in 4th place and earns $1,650.

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