Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Event 9: 5th Place - Dalsania

$250 + $30 Big Stack PLO (Re-Entry)     

Ravi Dalsania (Middletown, DE)

Blinds:  10k/20k

After Dan Maisano limped, Kevin Wolbach moved in his last 87k.  Mark Wahba called from the big blind and Dan came along for the ride.

Dan & Mark checked down the board of J♠83Q♠9♠.   Kevin said "nuts" and showed A♠K♠KQ for the nut flush to take the pot, tripling up.

Blinds Up: 15k/30k

Ravi moved in for his last 49k utg.  Both blinds called and checked down the board of K 9 7 Q K.

Dan showed JT33 for the King-high straight to take the pot.  Mark & Ravi mucked.

Ravi Dalsania finished in 5th place, earning $1,702.

Four players remain.

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