Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Event 8: 1st Place - Dentale

$350 + $50 Deep Stack NLH (Re-Entry) 

Mike Dentale (Brooklyn, NY)

Mike Dentale limps from the button, Dean Chen moves all in for 2.1 million, Dentale calls.

Dentale: A 3♣
Chen: K♠ 9

Flop: A 10♣ 7 (Dentale pair of aces)

Turn: J♣

River: K

Dentale's pair of aces are best as he eliminates Chen to take the title.

"I folded seven or eight hands in a row and was patient," says Dentale who wins his second Borgata trophy.  "I knew if he shoved I would have the best hand and it held up."

Dentale, who owns a windows company in New York, won a title in the 2011 Borgata Spring Poker Open for $57,000 and this is his second cash of this series after finishing 13th in Event 5 for $1,925.  

Mike Dentale takes home $31,716 for his year's win and is look forward to the Championship Event (April 15-19).

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