Saturday, April 14, 2012

Event 16: Teaching Them a Lesson

$1000 + $90 Six-Max NL (Re-Entry)

Ken Cans Three Players in Two Hands

Retired teacher and WSOP bracelet holder Ken Aldridge (Pleasant Garden, NC) is running well and with three recent knockouts has the chip lead.

"Teach" Aldridge first flops a set of 8s on a board of K J 8 and is all in against two players.  The bigger stack (32k) has K J for top two pairs, while the shorter stack (10k) has Q 10 for an open ended straight draw.

Aldridge survives the turn and river and takes down a 75k pot with the double knockout.

On the next hand his run-good continues when he flops another set against Chirag Patel (Laurel, MD) who's holding AK on a king high board.  "This guy is incredible," says Patel after shipping 30k to Aldridge on his knockout.

Aldridge, who is now up to 115k, has $948,000 in career tournament earnings including a 2009 bracelet in a 6-max tournament.

"I think my age gives me a bit of an advantage," says the 60 year-old.  "Players expect me to sit around and only play the nuts and sometimes I do."

He feels another advantage comes from his days in the classroom.  "I've been reading these young kids for 29 years," he says.  "I have an idea of what they're feeling."

Aldridge is playing in his first Borgata Spring Poker Open event and is staying sharp for an upcoming tournament that has an unprecedented buy-in of $1 million.  If he can attract enough investors, not only will he play for what will be a record breaking prize pool, but help some worthy causes along the way.

"If this happens," says Aldridge, "it'll be a great experience"

Level 6 (200/400, 50 ante) continues.

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