Saturday, April 14, 2012

Event 14: Pahuja Making Progress

$1000 + $90 No Limit Hold'em (Re-Entry)

Blinds:  10k/20k, 3k ante 

Vinny Pahuja is starting to gain some ground on Alex Rocha.

On the turn with a board of A T T T, Alex checked, Vinny bet 50k, and Alex folded.

On a flop of 5 4 4, Vinny bet 60k and Alex called.  Turn was a Queen and both checked.  River was a 6 and Vinny bet 125k.  Alex folded.

Vinny opened for 40k and Alex called.  Flop was J 6 2.  Both checked. 

Turn was a 9.  Alex bet 60k and Vinny called. 

River was a Queen and both checked. 

Alex said "Deuce" and Vinny said "Six" showing K6 for the bigger pair.  Alex mucked and Vinny picked up another pot.

Alex is down to about 550k; Vinny is up to ~2.45 million.

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