Saturday, April 14, 2012

Event 16: Break & Chips

$1000 + $90 Six-Max NL (Re-Entry)

Twenty-nine remaining players return from their ten minute break and are now faced with 1000 / 2000 blinds with 300 antes.

The top two in chips include:
Anthony Maio (Bucks County, PA) - 395,00
Mike Leah (Las Vegas, NV) - 221,000

Carlos Chadha has 125,000 and is at the same table as Anthony Maio. The two got involved earlier on an interesting board. Flop was 888 followed by 66. Carlos was first to bet the river 15,000 which opened the door for Anthony to re-pop 29,800 more.

Carlos tanked hard and long. Anthony called a clock causing Carlos to insta-fold (if one can insta-fold after five minutes).

Jamie Kerstetter is at the same table looking to make the money or make some moves with her 60,000 stack.

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