Thursday, April 19, 2012

Champ: 8th Place - Woodward

$2500 + $200 Championship NLH 

Matt Woodward (Las Vegas, NV)

Chad Batista lost most of his chips to Russ Dykshteyn, then got all-in for his last 183k against Cliff Josephy.

Chad had 72 suited against Cliff's pocket 5s.  The board came T 7 3 4 A and Chad doubled up.

Matt Woodward opened for 65k utg, then Russ Dykshteyn raised to 165k from the middle.

Matt gave it some thought, then 4-bet to 365k.  Russ checked out his remaining stack, then moved all-in. 

Matt insta-called, showing pocket Aces.

Russ had pocket Jacks.

The board came K Q 6 6 J and Russ rivered a 2-outer to take the pot.

Matt Woodward finished in 8th place, earning $35,768.

Matt has been a professional poker player for the last ten years.  He's amassed over $2 million in tournament earnings, most of which came from his second place finish in the EPT Monte Carlo Championship in April 2009 ($1.8 million).  Today's 8th place finish is his first cash in a Borgata Open event.

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