Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Event 18: Tweet-Time

$400 + $50 Deep Stack Semi-Turbo NLH

Tweets from the field:

Jerry Callahan ‏ @callahanja911
119k at 1k/2k. Just won a 60k pot all in after flop qxx 2h with q10 against flush draw and gut shot on turn. Avg is 45k

Robby Devries♠ ‏ @X18robbase
On break level 13! 1200/2400 really short stacked! 19k, 147 entrants about 75 left!

larry goldstein ‏ @tworedducks
20bbs goin to 1200/2400 in thr turbo. 75 of 150 left

adam lippert ‏ @lippypoker
95k super fast structure avg stack under 20bb

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