Sunday, April 15, 2012

Event 16: 8th Place - Korotki

$1000 + $90 Six-Max NL (Re-Entry)

Harry Korotki (Owings Mills, MD)

Harry Korotki and Leonid Lerner are in the largest pot of the tournament.

Blinds 4k/8k, antes 1k

Korotki (Button): 362k
Lerner (BB): 435k

Korotki limps, Lerner raises to 20k, Korotki calls.

Flop: 8♣ 5 4♣

Lerner bets 20k, Korotki calls

Turn: 7♠

Both players check

River: 5♣

Lerner bets 45k
Korotki raises to 100k
Lerner moves all in
Korotki calls

Korotki: K♣ 7♣ (flush)
Lerner: 7 7(full house, 7s full of 5s)

The river is a gin card as Korotki hits the second nut flush and Lerner fills up.  Lerner is now the chip leader heading to the final table of 7 with nearly 800k.

Korotki says he plays poker to relax and that he's tentatively scheduled to play in Day 1B of the Championship Event.

Harry Korotki finishes in 8th place and earns $4,540.

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