Sunday, April 15, 2012

Event 16: 4th Place - Corley

$1000 + $90 Six-Max NL (Re-Entry)

Richard Corley (Brooklyn, NY)

Richard Corley loses most of his stack to Mike Leah and is then knocked out by Lenny Lerner.

Blinds 8k/16k, 2k ante

Leah opens, Corley calls.

Flop: A 7 x

Leah bets, Corely calls

Turn: Q 

Leah bets, Corley calls

River: 7

Leah bets, Corely calls


Leah: 5 7 (trip 7s)
Corley: Q 10

"He was opening a lot of pots," says Corley, "so I floated the flop and hit the queen. Not betting was a mistake."

Corley is left with only 100k and is out soon after losing the hand to Leah. 

Corley, who works in NYC, picks up his second cash of the series, which doesn't include a final table in one of the Borgata Spring Poker Open 7 pm tournaments.

He takes home $15,132, the largest tournament cash of his career, for his 4th place finish.

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